As a child, the possibilities are endless — full of potential, and you are only limited by your imagination and what you can dream. Then you grow up and choose the responsible options, cater to family expectations, and go for the next logical goal after goal. You have achieved a lot – top of your classes, promising career path, beautiful home, and family you hold dear. Yet, why does it feel like something is missing?    

There’s a disconnect between this life you’ve worked so hard to build and the sense of confidence and fulfillment you feel living it. It can leave you exhausted sitting at your desk wondering, how did I get here? What’s the point of all this hard work? Sometimes it feels like you are faking it until you’ve made it, yet you are no longer sure if ‘making it’ would even be worth it.  

The Realign Project is about reconnecting you with your curiosity and realigning you with your purpose, potentials, and possibilities. Through coaching, we will explore what’s important, what you truly want to create in your life, and what your next steps are in alignment with your core values. So you can make the impact you crave and walk away with tools to continue to grow and thrive. Rediscovering, reimagining, and realigning you with you.

I work with purpose-driven professionals in non-dominant groups to reconnect with who they are to thrive and make an impact.

We might be a good fit if you’re…

  • A hardworking professional person of color who tends to be the only one who looks like you in the room. You may constantly push yourself to excel despite experiencing added burden of bias and lack of belonging, leading to exhaustion and burnout.
  • An overachieving first-generation immigrant professional who faces unique challenges navigating cultural and identity shifts in the workplace. You may feel like you’ve lost touch with your true self, struggling to balance fitting in with staying true to who you want to be.
  • A second-generation immigrant professional who strives to balance their family expectations with their own aspirations. You may long to break free of expectations and go for what YOU want, but the path filled with uncertainty feels too risky and scary.
  • An accomplished professional woman who feels paralyzed by gripping perfectionism. Despite your solid reputation, you second-guess yourself which creates anxiety. This is not sustainable but you don’t know how to let go of high standard.
  • A go-to reliable colleague, friend, daughter, or mom who takes care of everyone else but you. You’re constantly pulled in so many different directions. And asking for help isn’t really your thing. It’s fine – but there’s a nagging a sense of loneliness and being underappreciated. 
  • A self-aware person who is grappling with identity because you don’t conform to the traditional mold and social norms, feeling isolated and not heard. You crave to be accepted with your complexity and uniqueness, but fear rejection and judgment from others.

If any of these descriptions resonate with you, know that you’re not alone and we may be a good fit. Together as thought partners, we can explore these challenges and find ways to cultivate joy and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

About the Founder + Coach

Rei Perovic, MCC

Hi, I’m Rei (pronounced Ray).

Realign Project is a supportive resource I wish I had during my journey of realigning my purpose in my previous career. 

I worked as an art director/associate creative director for 17 years at global advertising agencies in NYC. It was my dream job ever since I was an early teen growing up in Tokyo. I poured all my energy, spent countless late nights, and sacrificed my well-being to prove myself and survive in my role as an immigrant woman of color. Until I just couldn’t anymore. I had enough of feeling, There’s got to be more than this, and needed my life to count. So I took a leap of faith without a plan B. While my choice may not be for everyone, I’m grateful for choosing the courageous path of surrender with so much learning that led me to where I am today.

Living a life that’s not in alignment is not sustainable, but it can be hard to get out of your own way to navigate change without support. As a Professional Certified Coach, I’ve had the honor to coach over 1,500 overachieving and purpose-driven professionals. Through Realign Project, you’ll have a thought partner who understands the unique challenges faced by a professional in non-dominant groups, providing a space where your experiences are validated and valued. Together, we’ll work to embrace your truth, empowering you to live your resonant life and make a positive impact.

If you’re curious about working with me, contact me. We’ll have a chat about how I can help you with your needs.


Rei’s coaching has been the epitome of making a way out of no way for my career.

I’ve worked with Rei going on three years and it has been one of the best career decisions I’ve made to date. Coaching with Rei has changed how I think through tough situations. It’s really been the epitome of “making a way out of no way” for me and I cannot speak highly enough of how it has changed the trajectory of my career. Rei is tactful in her process, holding space for my discussion points and leading me seamlessly through thought exercises that leave me exactly where I need to be. Working with Rei has given me a fresh perspective on my career and my abilities. Empowering me to become the professional I am today.

Anita Miller
Sr. Technical Program Manager and Strategic Partner


“Rei helps you reach your goals and find a new way to think very quickly and effectively.

Rei is the best coach I have worked with! A few sessions with her have helped me change my perspective, and go after my goals more head on. Rei is always highly empathetic, professional, and an excellent listener. She helps you reach your goals and find a new way to think very quickly and effectively.

Rojan Zarei
Product Marketing Manager

“I could feel just how skillfully she embodies all the qualities of a coach of the highest calibre.

Rei deserves the most glowing recommendation! In 45 minutes, I could feel just how skilfully she embodies all the qualities of a coach of the highest calibre. Her coaching helped me simplify and successfully move past a hump that I had been attempting to get over for more than 3 months.

Rei is committed to mentoring other POC and WOC! How she shows up and lives her mission is such a gift to our industry and our communities, and I just had to shout her out!

Aayaan Singh Jamwal
Intersectional Healing Coach and Founder, Unearth Freedom

“If you are facing a challenge — especially one that more traditional advice or guidance has not helped you resolve, Rei’s coaching could be helpful in taking a step forward.

Rei’s gentle but persistent coaching helped me identify thoughts and beliefs that were influencing my behavior, and pressed me to think more deeply and connect dots to get to the next level. If you are facing a challenge — especially one that more traditional advice or guidance has not helped you resolve, or has an emotional component — Rei’s coaching could be helpful in identifying your true feelings to take a step forward.

Realigned Client
Wishes to remain anonymous

Interested in hearing more from my clients? Check out the Client Love page.


Rediscovering, reimagining, and realigning you with you.

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